The Results – Radar’s Survey

Financial Planners and the Future of Financial Advice Reforms

Consultancy firm, Radar Results, has done a survey of financial planners, to gain feedback on the Future of Financial Advice Reforms, which are expected to be implemented in July 2012. The survey required answers to questions about the adviser’s gender, age and whether they own the business.  Over 85% of responses (349) came from males and 66% were aged 45 to 64. Radar’s survey revealed a high proportion were self-employed, 319 in total, or 78%. The principal of Radar Results, John Birt, said he was surprised by the high level of self-employed, but, then again, the new reforms would have a greater impact on business owners than on their employees.

A total of 405 financial planners responded, with 584 comments and remarks. Mr Birt said, “I was taken aback by the number of comments and the many business owners who said they would have to lay off staff, or even close their doors. I once owned a planning business that took 20 years to build and, if a sudden change in the law had seen its value plummet, I wouldn’t have been happy either.”

All the 584 anonymous comments, some of which were quite lengthy and impassioned, together with the overall results, will be passed on to, The Hon Mr. Bill Shorten MP. The results will also go to every member of the newly-formed 18-member advisory panel on Financial Advice and Professional Standards.

There were other interesting responses to the survey: when asked the question ‘Which of the following proposed reforms do you want?’ 91% of respondents (356) said ‘no’ to the Opt-In proposal.

Furthermore, 57% (233) answered ‘very likely’ when asked ‘With each client having to sign an agreement every year [by opting in], do you think you will lose clients? ’ and 20% answered ‘somewhat likely’; a total of 77%. Other questions in the survey revolved around the size of the business based on Funds Under Management (FUM): ‘Have you moved to fee-for-service yet?’ and ‘How will the new reforms impact on your business?’

To view the results online, minus the comments, click here. Open until 14.12.2010

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