Price Guide – March 2019

Revenue Type Recurring Revenue Multiple
Investment and super clients (aged 80+ years) Fee for service 1.0x to 1.2x
Investment and super clients (aged 65 -79 years) Fee for service 1.8x to 2.5x
Investment and super clients (aged up to 64 years) Fee for service 2.5x to 2.8x
Risk clients (aged under 55 years) 2.5x to 3.0x
Risk clients (aged 55 – 60 years) 2.0x to 2.5x
Risk clients (aged 61+ years) 1.0x to 1.5x
Corporate super plans – commission switched off* Negotiable 
Corporate super plans – commission converted to a flat fee for each employee 1.5x to 2.0x
Grandfathered investment trail commissions 1.0x to 1.5x
Mortgage clients – home loan trails 1.7x to 2.0x
Accounting fees – business clients 0.75 x to 1.2x
Accounting fees – individual returns 0.5x to 0.9x