Financial Planning Valuations

Last year we valued over 100 financial planning practices in Australia. If you wish to know the value of yours, please continue to the Valuation Questionnaire page. If you’re looking at expanding your planning business quickly – you can outsource this role to Radar Results. 

Finding the right Financial Planning Practice

Expanding – Starting your own Practice – Wanting to buy a client list

Many good planning practices that are for sale never come onto the market. They seem to get snapped up before you know it. Radar Results offers a confidential consulting service that locates and qualifies these planning practices just for you. We can match you perfectly with a seller. Completely outsourced, our service allows you to focus on your business and not miss out on these opportunities.

Whether you’re an employee after your own client base, small practice owner who wants more scale or a large Dealer Group wanting to grow further – Radar Results can help. Just complete our online Buyers Questionnaire and we’ll have an Acquisition Proposal to you in a few days.


Finding the Right Buyer or Partner

Selling – Retiring – Wanting to Merge

Firstly, by having your planning business professionally valued, you’ll then know what price to expect. At least a ball park figure without spending any money – just a few minutes of your time. Radar Results uses many criteria when valuing, all explained on our website under the Selling a Financial Planning Business tab.

It’s a free service and takes about 4 minutes to complete the online Valuation Questionnaire. During Year 2005/06 Radar Results measured the demand for financial planning practices and it was running at 4:1 Buyers to Sellers. During 2007 it changed and now we feel it’s almost even with record prices paid recently. Like shares, it’s sometimes good if you can “get out” at the top.