Growing through
acquisition & merging

In the current climate, growing your business organically can be slow process regardless of whether you run an accounting practice, financial planning business or a mortgage loan business.

Unlike the 1990’s and pre GFC days, referrals can be hard to come by, and marketing for new clients is an expensive exercise, so why not buy a client register?

You can double or triple the size of your business with the stroke of a pen. Finance is freely available today at rates of 4.9% when secured by property or when your business is used as security.

You can use the Radar Results buying service to help you find the client register or business you’re after, and then have Radar Results walk you through the buying process, saving you time and money. Basically, you tell us what you want to buy or merge with, and then outsource the entire operation to us.

We will develop a Buyer’s Project Scoping Report, access the database of 9,500 financials planners and mortgage writers, and utilise the 8,000 accountants we have at our disposal. If needed, we’ll proactively spot market certain postcodes and locations to uncover the practice you want to buy. As always, Radar Results has a private bank of sellers ranging from 50 to 100. If one of these private sellers is not a fit, we’ll look elsewhere for you.

Most of the sellers that come to Radar Results do so because they know we will keep the sale of their business confidential. Most sellers who come to Radar Results are not ‘on the market’. Sure they want to sell, but they don’t want the universe to know. They don’t want their clients, staff, competitors or even their licensee to know they want to sell, so they approach us ‘undercover’, so to speak.

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